Airborne disinfection gives unique results


At removeit, we offer the market's most powerful machines for grouting and disinfection.

The function and the result between the different joints differ

so feel free to consult a salesperson about the type that is right for your purpose. Training is always included with us from Removeit so you get the maximum effect when buying selected products.

ECOpower / fog is one of the market's most powerful and reliable foggers. Used mainly when you want to quickly and efficiently disinfect large areas and air. ECOpower / fog generates a fog formed by ULV drops (ultra low volume) the size can be set between 5-50 microns. Studies show that drops of this size are ideal for attacking pathogens.

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Our Foggers

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Disinfection machine with temperature reader

The disinfection machine with temperature reader is a non-contact hand disinfection station with an automatic dispenser.

It is equipped with a temperature reader and has a refillable container and works with the recommended agents manufactured by removeit.

The station is ADA compliant and one-handed operation, making it accessible to people with disabilities.

The automatic, non-contact dispenser includes an infrared sensor for fully automatic operation without contact.


The drip tray catches extra disinfection so that the floors remain clean.

The dispenser can be mounted on the wall, but can also be placed on a table, cash register, bar counter, etc.