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Removeit develops and drives the environment & health forward.

While some may see us as different, we see the future.

We believe that people who are brave enough to believe that they can change the world are the ones who do. 


Who are we? 

Thanks to Michael Faraday, who invented electrolysis - maybe even without knowing it

The word electrolysis was invented by the researcher Michael Faraday in the late 19th century, around the same time as HCØrsted discovered electromagnetism. When direct current is applied to a liquid in an electrolytic vessel, the positive ions of the liquid will be attracted to the cathode, while the negative ions of the liquid will be attracted to the anode.

Whether Faraday was aware that the combination of water, salt and electrolysis produced a disinfectant that can kill bacteria and viruses is unknown. However, it is a fact that he is the author behind the recipe for ECA water.

Removeit started its journey in September 2020 with a clear goal and vision.

We must increase people's awareness to make them make an active choice, an active choice for products with minimal environmental impact without risks to humans, animals and nature, while improving the end result.

In summary, a more effective, greener and safer disinfectant than other products on the market.

Since the start, we have sold and marketed Anosan, a fantastic product with many uses. The demand and our striving to constantly minimize our environmental impact has led us in April 2021 to decide to invest in a machine park and locate production in Sweden.

This has meant that we now manufacture our own ECA water and broaden the product for all markets in Sweden.


We are what we promise!


The liquid is made by a technique called ECA (Eletro Chemical Activated), it is a solution of water (H2O) and salt (NaCl) that has undergone an electrolysis where it forms the active substance Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) which one has a very high disinfectant effect.


If you want tips on how your company can avoid chemicals and alcohol in your cleaning and disinfection, we can help you set up a complete solution for your particular company, association or home. With easy methods, you can easily replace your current products with the chemical-free products of the future. We will help you!

As a customer with us

As a customer with us, we are with you all the way from the first contact until you have the product in hand and know how to use it. Each customer receives a guide on how exactly you should use and apply the product for the purpose you have intended. Service is an important part of our sales so you can get the maximum effect from the product and also you can go for a chemical-free cleaning.

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Anton Virtanen

Operations Manager


Our factory in Enköping

Our factory and manufacturing is located in the heart of Enköping. 

Thanks to our own manufacturing, we can tailor and adapt deliveries and maintain the volume that the market wants from us.

Our own production is based on the fact that we primarily want to protect the environment and avoid unnecessary imports and transports of previous disinfectant.  ANOSAN.

This is why we now manufacture our own ECA water, ECO

We quality assure the entire production to the finished product.

We want reinforcement!

Do you want to take part in the journey to create a healthier life for people and animals?

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