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Evolution and function!

ECO public is a cleansing disinfectant that makes your cleaning more effective. ECO public's disinfectant effect consists of the active substance hypochlorous acid which is produced naturally by us mammals in order to fight infections. The cleansing part is an antioxidant, mild alkaline solution that is effective against dirt and grease.

Together, the liquid has a pH value of 8, which means that it is slightly alkaline and therefore very gentle, milder and completely harmless to work with compared to traditional cleaning agents.

The result will be shiny clean at the same time as it will be free from all types of viruses and bacteria!  

Like all our products, manufacturing has a minimal environmental impact.


  • Restaurant

  • Hotel

  • Healthcare

  • Veterinary medicine

  • Warehouse & industry

  • Office

  • Schools

  • Transport (bus, boat, plane) Airports

  • Agriculture

  • Animal husbandry


Available in volumes 1L, 5L, 20L and 1000L

Surfaces that suit the ECO public

  • Laminate

  • Water resistant Wood

  • Clinker

  • Carpets

  • Metal

  • Window

  • Textile

  • PVC

  • Plastic

  • Marble

  • Porcelain

  • Etc.

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product information

Quick Facts

What are the risks?

As humans and animals produce hypochlorous acid in their own bodies, it is completely harmless to living multicellular organisms. In addition, it has no negative environmental impact, on the contrary, nature feels good from the product .​

Is there a virus or bacterium that it does not eliminate?

Bacteria and viruses can not create resistance to hypochlorous acid, it has in fact eliminated every pathogen that has been scientifically tested against.


ECO public can replace most cleaning agents for cleaning and give a better result than ordinary cleaning chemicals.

Can be sprayed on all washable surfaces and then dried for best results with Removeit's microfiber cloth.