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ECO horse protects your horse, transport, materials and riders from infection & viruses!

With a focus on health and efficiency, ECO horse enables disinfection without rinsing, evacuation or other protective measures.

ECO horse is pH neutral and consists of water and salt with the active substance hypochlorous acid which is produced by us mammals to fight infections.

ECO horse is preventive and incredibly effective against protecting your horse and environment from viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl)  which is the active substance in our products is produced by the body's white blood cells in order to fight infections.

It is a substance that is effective against all types of viruses and bacteria while being harmless to humans and animals. The oldest study is impressive enough from 1915 and shows how well it does  can be used as a wound wash

Applications of ECO horse

• Disinfect tools, surfaces, equipment

• Disinfection of feed, cribs etc.

• Disinfect areas that have been infected   vomiting or diarrhea

• Disinfect both air and surface with grouting

• Eliminates mold in hay and silage

Available in volumes 1L, 5L, 20L and 1000L

The benefits of ECO horse  

• Kills bacteria and viruses i.a. Kvarka,   EHV-1, Ringworm, mug, hoof rot

• Kills fungus and mold

• Disinfects wounds, burns, etc.

• Is not harmful to humans or animals

• Non-irritating, does not sting

• Does not dry out or damage equipment

Finns i volymerna 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L och 1000L 

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Quick Facts

Disinfection, cleaning in the stable!

Disinfection in equestrian sports is nothing new, chemicals or alcohol have long been used to eliminate viruses, bacteria, spores and black mold. Today, there are alternatives that are both more efficient and completely environmentally friendly. Together with our applications, you can disinfect a box in less than 15 seconds and the horse can be directly connected to the box. No wiping or rinsing is needed afterwards.


Just like the routine cleaning of the boxes and the stable, the transport must also be cleaned and disinfected. Then it is important to think about being able to disinfect both surface and air, for many viruses are also spread through the air, for example. EHV-1. Together with our applications, you can disinfect a transport in less than 30 seconds and the horse can be in direct connection with the transport. No wiping or rinsing is needed afterwards .

Does it remove fungal infections such as ringworm and mold?

Yes it actually does. Spray liquid on the exposed area 3 times daily to ensure best results. No wiping or rinsing is needed afterwards.

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