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Unique opportunities in a bottle that creates a healthier life for people and animals!

Protect yourself and what you love with ECO drop!

Our vision is to raise awareness to make an active choice - to live in an environment free of viruses and bacteria with only the content of nature.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl)  which is the active substance in our disinfectants is produced by the body's white blood cells in order to fight infections.


It is a substance that is effective against all types of viruses and bacteria while being harmless to humans. The good disinfected and antibacterial properties have been known for generations. The oldest study is impressive enough from 1915.

ECO drop is a multifaceted product

but is mainly used as an effective disinfectant such as hand disinfection, surface disinfection and room disinfection.

The agent can be applied without wiping through our applications.


Make your environment virus & bacteria free without strong chemicals

Possible uses of ECO drop  

• Skin fungus

• Influenza or other diseases

• Disinfect tools, surfaces, equipment

• Disinfection of vegetables / fruits / meat

• Disinfect areas that have been infected     vomiting or diarrhea

• Disinfect all airborne pathogens by   foggning


Available in volumes 100ml 200ml 1 Liter 5 Liter.

The benefits of ECO drop

• Disinfects wounds, burns, etc.

• Kills bacteria and viruses i.a. E. coli,      Listeria, Salmonella, HIV and MRSA

• Kills fungus and mold

• Is not harmful to humans or animals

• Non-irritating, does not sting

• Accelerates wound healing

Finns i volymerna 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L och 1000L

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product information

Quick Facts

What are the risks?

As humans and animals produce hypochlorous acid in their own bodies, it is completely harmless to living multicellular organisms. In addition, it has no negative environmental impact, on the contrary, nature feels good from the product .

Why not use this everywhere?

In fact, hypochlorous acid was already used in the First World War for wound washing and if you are in Japan and eat sushi, it is very likely that the fish got

hypochlorous acid on itself.

However, the challenge has been to stabilize the life of the product, which developed technology in production equipment has now made possible.

Is there a virus or bacterium that it does not eliminate?

Bacteria and viruses can not create resistance to hypochlorous acid, it has in fact eliminated every pathogen that has been scientifically tested against.