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For you who want the clean air of others!

Airborne pathogens and bad smells are often difficult to attack. Via jointing, ECO air spreads like a mist and eliminates viruses and bacteria even on the most inaccessible surfaces.


ECO air is pH neutral and consists of water with the active substance hypochlorous acid. The concentration is 600 ppm (0.06%), which is more effective against odors compared to our other sibling products for disinfection.


The concentration means that it is extremely effective for combating all types of mold & odors.

Possible uses of ECO air  


Disinfection and odor removal  

  • Property service (stairwells, toilets, garbage rooms, changing rooms etc.

  • Kindergartens & schools

  • Transport (taxi, bus, train & ambulance)

  • Hospitals & veterinary environments

Obvious choice in the event of an outbreak.

Available in volumes 1L, 5L, 20L and 1000L

Used mainly with our machine-driven applications and is very effective in handling airborne infections such as.

  • Measles virus

  • RS virus

  • Influenza virus

  • Tuberculosis bacteria

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product information

Quick Facts

How should I disinfect the air?

Through our power joint that distributes the liquid to aerosols, you can easily get the air in the room free of viruses, bacteria, odors, mold, spores and dust.


Powerfog is easy to use and suitable for all spaces.

Do I need to use any protective equipment?

No you do not have to. The product contains only natural ingredients that are already present in the body and is therefore completely harmless to humans, animals and nature.

ECO air - for your car


ECO air can be used for disinfection of vehicles for an increased service life of the vehicle's AC system, compressor and interior.

With our vehicle-adapted fogger, we can ensure that the entire car is disinfected and free of odors without you having to wipe it off afterwards. Smell of smoke, food or pets.